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  • Integrating Webmentions with Next.JS

    Let me introduce you to Webmentions - a recent discovery that brought back memories of pingbacks and Tumblr's social features. I had to implement it myself!
  • Using MongoDB’s Data API, Next.js with SWR to make a page click tracker.

    While building my new website, I wanted to understand its traffic, especially the logs, which contain both short and long-form posts. I aimed to identify which posts performed better or worse.
  • Work in Progress

    I am a big believer in striking while the iron is hot, and personal projects are no exception! So today I've deployed the new look website, but it is still very much a WIP.
  • It has to change! Shape up! Do Better!

    Straight off the bat DON'T EVER think it's acceptable to fire misogynistic, racial or even for that matter general abuse at another person no matter the person!