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Lets go on a learning adventure

So I think this would be a good post to introduce the plan

I'm a big advocate for learning for fun and learning not just to progress your career but to keep thing fresh, but on the other hand, I'm terrible at keeping focus on tutorials and video courses if they aren't grabbing my attention 100% of the time, plus I think the fact I love hands-on approach vs reading the theory sometimes hinders me too.

But I still learn, maybe not in the conventual sense or how to majority of Developers learn, or so I thought...I learn by often just jumping in trying to make something WAAAY out of my depth or by trying something in a language that it wasn't built for this for many will seem as counterproductive and even a stressful way of learning, and to an extent, I agree if I was doing this for a client project something I was paid to do in a certain amount of time sure I crack open the documentation and read others experiences to way up the pro's and con's of a language and how to actually build in said language, but that's not what kind of learning I'm talking about here, I'm talking about learning for fun, for the hell of it, or just to prove a point to myself! (or sometimes others 😝)

Now, I'm not going to preach at you that this is the best way to learn or even that this is even a correct way to learn (for most this won't be), but I want to use these sets of posts/ series to try and instil that there isn't a right way or wrong way to learn, you learn how you find best and especially when it's for fun! You should be learning the way that keeps it interesting for you if you do this by reading, planning then doing, then great do that! I'm really writing this as a way to just document my learning that some might find interesting and hopefully show that you may feel that you are learning the wrong way and that it just pointless to carry on, but if you picking something up and having fun at the same time then do it!

Don't let anyone tell you how to learn for fun! Heck, you could even ignore this advice (but then in turn you're actually taking my advice...sooo 😉).

So over the next few posts (or maybe more depends if I see a benefit for myself or others with them), I will use create a post(s) on a subject documenting my scribbles, failed Twitch streams (Psst you should totally follow me on Twitch), and projects on how I learn/am learning Subject X.

If this sounds interesting to you come along for the ride!

Matthew Peck-Deloughry

A developer, learner, mentor and all-around nerd.