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100 Days of Code 1 - 12


So I've started a new blog yet again!

Today I'm launching this website you're reading this on here! This was part of my #100DaysOfCode challenge I had undertaken.

I started on the 18th of May, and well it's been a rocky start at the time of writing this I've only manage to do 12 days. But either way, I've committed to doing 100 days of (hobbyist) code.

Even though I'm a Fullstack (mainly) backend developer by trade, I still firmly believe that in our industry coding is something you can't do it just as a day job; otherwise, you'll stagnate. What started out as a fun hobby for most of us it will quickly become a means to an end, and the enjoyment and wonder that we all had to get into this world is gone! To stop this happening I wanted to take up the challenge to learn more of the Javascript world that I've fallen waaaay behind in keeping up with (I'm talking last time I did it seriously MooTools was a thing!).

For the first couple of days, I split my time from working in React & Next.js building this site from scratch learning both Javascript and actually some Frontend stuff that I'm also terrible of, Today marks the day that I'm officially launching the first version of the site. Still, my development on this won't end here! The main focus of the challenge will be this site or stuff relating to it.

This site wasn't the only project I've worked on; however, I've recently taken up streaming on Twitch again as another way of learning and keeping myself accountable. Still, one of the things I've needed was a stream deck, but I ain't paying the price of one of those for something that is currently just a bit of fun (maybe later down the line, but not now!), so I went digging through my old tech and found my old Novation LaunchControl, well time to use Node and some libraries to help make a rough and ready stream deck of my own, to find out more about this please take a look at my Twitch streams VODs.

That was my days 1-12 of the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and wow it's hard to keep it up as a hobby and a day job, but I will continue! I may not blog or tweet about it every day, but I will do it periodically and summarise the missing days here!

Take care for now, and stay safe! I'll be seeing you when I see you! 👋

Matthew Peck-Deloughry

A developer, learner, mentor and all-around nerd.