Querying meta queries

When working with queries for custom post types, you need to specify what the post status is otherwise it will default to look for `published`.

Full-Frame Fun

So on a recent holiday, I thought I’d try my hand a creating some full-frame images(now I mean the subject taking up more than the frame of the image not using a full framed camera). The idea is something new to me, but yet so obvious! And you know what I love it! The key is just to get something quite visually appealing lots of colours, patterns and shapes. For me the best subject at the time was cactus…see for yourself  

Slimline – My first Ruby gem!

So I’ve been a Ruby developer for about 5 years now, and I’ve just created my first gem?! WHAT IS THIS? And why has it taken me this long to do it? It’s sooooooo useful(who’d have funk’d it?)

Landscapes 2018

So this year, I (personally) feel I got my teeth really into Landscape photography, and learned a lot along the way and still am!