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It has to change! Shape up! Do Better!

A mural of two hands painted in different colours

Treat everyone with the respect that every single person in this world deserves! This has to change and now!

I Matthew Peck-Deloughry, will take this no longer as a male who is actively in tech, treating people any different is just plain wrong and I will help combat this! I am proud to call myself a Femainist and will do my utmost to help educate and change this horrible behaviour!

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Lets go on a learning adventure

A notepad with the words notes written on it with a fountain pen resting on the paper, in the background there are some glasses

I'm a big advocate for learning for fun and learning not just to progress your career but to keep thing fresh, but on the other hand, I'm terrible at keeping focus on tutorials and video courses if they aren't grabbing my attention 100% of the time, plus I think the fact I love hands-on approach vs reading the theory sometimes hinders me too.

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100 Days of Code 1 - 12

So I've started a new blog yet again! Today I'm launching this website you're reading this on here! This was part of my #100DaysOfCode challenge I had undertaken.

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